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Is Rack Storage For You?

Rack storage is a fast growing trend in boat dockage. It allows a large number of boats to be stored on a limited plot of ground. Racks can actually double or triple the number of boats in a marina. As a result, more dockage is available in popular ports.

There are a number of benefits from rack storage. For most people, they outweigh the disadvantages. Let's start by looking at the benefits:

  • Cost — a full year of rack storage often costs less than traditional wet dockage, dry winter storage, hauling and launching.
  • Security — a boat stored 20 feet off the ground in a locked building is not likely to be the target of thieves or vandals.
  • Weather Protection — boats stored under cover are not subject to gel coat destroying ultra violet light, bird droppings or other potential damage from the outdoor environment.
  • No Mooring Cover — tedious covering and uncovering of the boat is not required since it is stored indoors. This means you're on the water with less work.
  • No Bottom Paint — boats stored out of the water simply do not grow "grass" on their bottoms. This means expensive antifouling paint is not required.
  • Easy Maintenance — since the boat is already out of the water, repairs to shafts, props or outdrives are easy to accomplish.

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